DocTrol It is envisaged that all official document transmittals and receipts to and from the GDC will be made through the DocTrol.

The scope of DocTrol will be limited to the transmittal and receipt of designs, drawings and all other documents and communications between the GDC and other stakeholders in the project. Although simple messages pertaining to the project documents will be required to be sent through CEG DocTrol, CEG DocTrol does not claim to be a communications system. Nor will CEG DocTrol serve as a workflow system. It is basically a record keeper of all document transactions. The system will also control parts of large documents and versions of documents when required.

As the CEG DocTrol system is being implemented in a phased manner, this Manual will also be kept under continuous revision to match the system status. Please keep checking the manual often to keep abreast of the latest system status.

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